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            Path Too Long Utility

            Path Too Long Utility

            Reviewed by Chris Thomas
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              0.74 MB
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              1 Oct 2013
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              Alternative products

            "Copy/delete files and folders with long paths"


            Path Too Long Pro is a compact utility that lets you delete, rename, and copy files and folders that have file names/paths longer than 256 characters. If you've encountered error messages like “Do you want to permanently delete this item? This folder contains items whose names are too long for the recycle bin,” “path too long” or “file cannot be copied” when trying to unzip, move, delete, or rename a file/folder, this tool makes it possible to work with those items that have excessive file paths on almost any version of Windows.


            Installation is over within a few clicks and you don't have to worry about any extra software or adware being bundled with it. Afterwards you'll be asked whether you want the utility to map the operating system after reboot – this is optional.


            The interface is split into two tabs – one that lets you browse to a specific file/folder on your computer, and another that lets you search for files that have long names. There's a 'utility demonstration' button that creates an excessively long file path on your main drive so that you can try deleting/renaming it. After selecting a file/folder you can use the 'Delete', 'Rename', or 'Copy To...' buttons to perform the desired action.


            • Lets you delete any file regardless of the file name length

            • Search tab lets you scan for files that have excessively long file paths based on the character count. The default threshold for discovery is set at 255 characters but you can make it longer or shorter with a custom value. Once a list of lengthy file names is retrieved you can export it to .txt or .xls

            • Lets you rename and copy files with long file paths

            • File size of less than 1 MB makes this is an ultra-compact utility

            • Solves a major problem that many users have discovered in several versions of Windows

            • Extremely easy to use

            • Includes an integrated explorer with a tiered browsing structure that makes navigating to files/folders simple and intuitive

            • Convenient home button takes you back to the root view so you can see all of your drives


            • Free version is just a visual demo – in order to actually delete/rename/copy the files/folders you have to purchase the full version

            • Interface is ultra-basic and looks kind of old school


            There are a few other utilities that can do the same thing as Path Too Long PRO, including but not limited to Long Path Fixer, Long Path Eraser, Long Path Tool, Unlocker, FileASSASSIN, LockHunter, and WhoLockMe. Long Path Fixer is a freeware option, for those of you who aren't interested in a paid program.


            If you've been encountering errors telling you that a file/folder has a name or path too long for it to be deleted, renamed, or copied, this compact utility is definitely worth a try, especially if you have a lot of items that are causing this error.

            Top user review

            not better than the one i am using now.
            by griffin001 on 4 Aug 2016
            Rating: (Poor) for version

            i have installed it and its not better than Long path Tool, the one i am using for a while. When i installed Path Too LOng i couldn't figure how to operate it. its a bit messy.
            i used to have some prblm with file path. then a frnd recommend me Long Path Tool. It is actually a most effective program to eliminate this problem. This is absolutely free program.
            its hang after a while.
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