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            SecureWord 1.6.383

            SecureWord 1.6.383

            Developer's description
            Published by CEZEO software Ltd. on 24 May 2020

            "SecureWord Keeps your passwords SECURE!"

            SecureWord was originally designed as the most convenient and fully functional program for storing important information such as logins, passwords and files. Taking into consideration that somewhat similar programs exist, let us explain you why you should choose SecureWord and in what ways we enhanced and developed our program for your convenience. We are using modern and secure encryption algorithms. The main method, used in SecureWord is AES, Advanced Encryption Standard- the one, accepted by American government in 2002 for using everywhere. We are using the most secure configuration, with the longest code. We also use RipeMD- European standard of digital signature, SHA- Security Hash Standard of the National Institute of Standards and Technologies of USA, TwoFish- of Counterpane Inc.- a well-known encryption algorithm of an established company. An improved security system. Convenient and easy interface. We designed it with special attention because the ease of your work depends on it. We did all we could to make it easy, convenient and fully functional. Also, you can choose different pictograms for your Notes and Folders to ease the navigation through that database. Our search system is quick and adjustable. Just enter a word or a part of the word in the Search bar and you will receive a list of Notes, containing that word. You can add letters to the word or erase them- the list will be updated dynamically! The passwords generator is included in the program. Now SecureWord will take care of your passwords, you don't have to remember them all or be afraid of forgetting anything. With the help of SecureWord you can now create undeniably reliable passwords. To copy the database to a different computer (like a notebook) you will only need to copy one file (Secure World will show you which one.) Integration with the program secureword is supported. Plus freeware Pocket PC version!

            Requirements: no specal requirements

            What's new in this version: Internal improvements

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            Antivirus information

            Download3K has downloaded and tested SecureWord on 16 Jan 2017 with some of Today's best antivirus engines and you can find below, for your convenience, the scan results:
            • Avast:

            • Avira:

            • Kaspersky:

            • NOD32:

            SecureWord Antivirus Report

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