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            jAlbum 20.1

            Reviewed by Chad Faith
            • Size

              115.24 MB
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            • Developer

              JAlbum AB
            • Updated

              23 May 2020
            • Downloads

              30,628 (11 last week)
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            "Highly customizable photo albums on any site."


            Are you looking for a good tool that allows you to make web albums with your favorite photos? jAlbum also includes options that let you edit your photos as well as publish them. It is a simple to use web album generator that will surely appeal to most users. Let’s take a closer looks at its features and decide whether jAlbum is worthy of your attention.


            With a setup kit of just 11MB, jAlbum is an album generator that installs itself very quickly. It doesn’t have any special requirements in order for you to run it and you might want to know that it doesn’t come bundled with other software. On the other hand, jAlbum only works on the Windows platform or iPhone's iOS. As a result, any version of Windows from Win 95 to Windows 7 and Apple's mobile iOS is supported.


            The interface of jAlbum is simple and functional; you will not get stuck during usage as everything is presented in an organized manner. The album content organized by folders is located on the left side along with skin and style options, while the included photos can be previewed on the right. The buttons are placed for easy access. The “Preferences” option can be found in the tools menu. All in all, it is very easy to use and highlights an intuitive interface. Moreover, the whole presentation is very stylish and modern.


            With jAlbum, you can create beautiful albums and immediately share them. It is a pretty killer combination, isn’t it? Well, jAlbum certainly doesn’t disappoint in this regard as you are offered a ton of options to customize your web albums. You also get access to built-in image editing features that allow you to easily transform your photos. Polishing them is easy with the drag and drop function. Flexible templates called "skins” are implemented into jAlbum through which customized albums in HTML, Flash or any other format can be created in a heartbeat. After you are done with the polishing and have added the final touches to your album… it is time to publish it! jAlbum makes this task a breeze, all thanks to the free hosting on that the tool provides. jAlbum is a piece of software that can be used by everyone and the fact that it comes with localization for 32 languages proves this.


            I have said that jAlbum’s interface is pretty easy to use but in spite of this, some of its features and functions can be a little bit confusing at first. Nevertheless, once you have time to get familiar with it, usage is a breeze. There aren’t any major cons to be mentioned here and the help support is readily available should you ever need it.


            Picasa, Flickr, iPhoto, ACDSee Photo Manager, gThumb (Linux) are some of the alternatives to jAlbum. They are all decent tools and sit side by side with jAlbum which is perfect for beginners and for those wanting a quick publishing of their album.


            All in all, jAlbum is a reliable and powerful web album generator. It boasts many features that allow you to edit and publish your albums in a fast and efficient manner. A bit of glamour to your blog or personal page can be easily achieved by using jAlbum. Furthermore, it is a free solution that works excellent!

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