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            Reviewed by Chad Faith
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              26 May 2020
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            "Manage and play your music collection."

            Winner Best software in 2014 -?Media Players.


            Who hasn’t heard of iTunes? If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past few years, you surely heard of iTunes. The default media player of the iPod and the iPhone, iTunes is a great way to share, organize and listen to your favorite music. iTunes is really the best friend of your iPod. The new 10.2 version brings even more features than before. Alongside Apple TV integration, TV show rentals and better app management, the new version boasts support for the iOS 4.3 on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad 2. Let’s find out more about this exciting tool!


            The setup and install process of iTunes is simple, fast and smooth. Available for Mac OS X, Windows Vista, XP and 7, iTunes doesn’t come bundled with adware or other programs. Keep in mind that you will need to download the separate 64-bit installer if you have a 64-bit operating system. After installation, iTunes becomes your default audio player but of course, if you have another player such as Winamp, you can uncheck this option.


            The interface of iTunes is easy to use, intuitive yet very cool and sleek. The buttons are well placed allowing easy access to the tool’s functions and all in all, it’s very aesthetically pleasing. You will certainly love the feel and clean look of the interface. It suited for beginners as it is relatively easy to manage and you will not encounter any major problems in navigation.


            iTunes is a software product designed by Apple that is simply jam-packed with features. Everything you’d want from a media player is present here. Firstly, the “Genius playlists” and “Genius mixes” are two great features that work by creating playlists based on the moods and style of the songs. What is more, along with an album, you are also provided liner notes, photos, and video through the iTunes LP feature. How about creating a live mix in which your friends can make requests and vote on songs? With iTunes, this is done with relative ease. As a result, the features on other players such as podcast subscriptions, Internet radio and an equalizer become a given. iTunes has all of them plus more; giving you the complete audio and social experience. More than just a simple media player, by using iTunes you can also watch your favorite TV shows on the iPod. The iTunes is the perfect channel for you to be entertained! A new feature brought by the latest version of iTunes is the possibility of streaming music to other audio devices that are compatible in your home. Other features of iTunes include music management in the form of libraries and CD ripping.


            Built-in support with Facebook and HD at 1080p would be great but we can’t be complaining much, after all, it has already given us a lot!


            There are a lot of audio players out there but none of them have the functionality of iTunes. It is much more than just a media player. Some alternatives to iTunes include the following tools: Sharepod, Winamp, CopyTrans Manager and Foobar2000.


            All in all, iTunes is the ultimate media player. Boasting more features than you can handle, a polished and cool-looking interface, you can’t go wrong with iTunes.

            Winner Best software in 2014 -?Media Players.

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