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            IE Keeper 1.3.2838

            IE Keeper 1.3.2838

            Reviewed by Pete Daniel

            "Remember and fill web-forms in a single mouse click!"


            IE Keeper is a toolbar that can be added to Internet Explorer. The toolbar helps users who wish to add their personal information and have the toolbar use this to automatically complete web form data for you. Instead of needing to type in your address, full name, email address and other repeating information on many web sites across the internet, IE Keeper takes the time-wasting nature of this repetitive task and does it for you. The forms can include text, larger text areas, password entries, check boxes, radio buttons pre-selected to your specifications, and a bunch more settings. The information stored inside IE Keeper is encrypted to protect it from theft too.


            The install goes by in a second or two. Less than one megabyte is needed to store the relevant files. No extra software was installed either.


            The interface essentially looks like a giant web form where the user can add their own personal information and store it inside different categories. It is possible to add information as multiple choice entries, two radio button options, and other unusual settings that some other special web form toolbars usually cannot handle.


            • IE Keeper toolbar can complete web forms for you
            • Complete information once and IE Keeper will do the rest
            • Save hours over a lifetime by getting out of completing forms on the web and let this elegant software do the heavy lifting for you
            • Capable of handling complex form designs, multiple radio buttons, passwords, and more.
            • All information stored is encrypted for security


            • Other software is newer, but if this works with the current version of your favorite browser then that'll probably be enough
            • Several web browser now include web form completion technology with some degree of sophistication


            RoboForm or LastPass.


            IE Keeper is a keeper of private information that is then shared by the software with web sites on their web forms when instructed by the user to do so. The software will run on multiple web browsers filling in forms like a paid assistant. Time saving and easy to use. Fill forms in once, then sit back and let the software complete other similar forms the next time.

            Requirements: Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher is required for keeping form items (text, textarea, select, checkbox

            What's new in this version: Internet Explorer web form remember and fill option added.

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            Antivirus information

            Download3K has downloaded and tested IE Keeper on 6 Mar 2012 with some of Today's best antivirus engines and you can find below, for your convenience, the scan results:
            • Avira:

            • Kaspersky:

            • NOD32:

            IE Keeper Antivirus Report

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