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            Opera Mini for Java 8.0.35626

            Opera Mini for Java 8.0.35626

            Reviewed by Pete Daniel
            • Size

              310.25 KB
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            • Updated

              21 Mar 2017
            • Downloads

              682,268 (2,520 last week)

            "A fast and tiny Web browser."


            Opera Mini for Java is a more compact version of the independent Opera web browser experience. The software is written in Java language which is platform agnostic with a Java runtime package available for numerous computing platforms. However, primarily Opera Mini is used on various mobile computing platforms that have limited memory or processor capacity and need a web browser that will run on an older mobile platform. This coupled with the fact that some older phones already run a Java-based operating system making them ideal recipients for the Opera Mini for Java software.

            Over 250 million people now use Opera Mini instead of the full blown Opera web browser, Firefox, Chrome or other alternative browser. The lack of ad tracking whilst running in a similar fashion to Chrome makes Opera Mini a preferred choice for many who dislike the way Chrome tracks usage and Gmail usage, then changes display ads based on activity and interests of the user.

            The browser also focused on minimal use of screen real estate as many phones using Java have limited size screens. Web pages can be crunched down to load faster and display quicker. Enhanced button navigation to make navigating around web sites on a small screen easier. Share favorite pages easily with friends. Strong security and privacy for data.


            Installation is pretty straight forward with Opera Mini. If the phone lacks the Java language then the installer will not be able to complete.


            The menu system with icons for buttons includes Bookmarks, History, Start page, Saved pages, Downloads, Settings, Find in page, Share, and Help.

            The top of the web browser shows the navigation bar and the search engine field.

            The rest of the interface is paired down to leave the most screen space for the actual web page.

            Currently the menu buttons are not transparent and can obscure the background web page content when they are being shown.


            • Mobile browser for older phones and ones that run Java
            • 250 million people use Opera Mini
            • Crunches down web pages to 10% of their original size to save bandwidth
            • Big button navigation
            • Share pages with friends
            • Speed dial to save favorite web sites
            • Tabs and fast tab switching


            Currently unable to display web sites correctly that use the very latest CSS like The Verge and Bloomberg.


            Opera Mini for Java will not display the web sites using bleeding edge design technologies but it is perfectly adequate for older phones that want light web browsing served quickly and without too much overhead.

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            Antivirus information

            Download3K has downloaded and tested Opera Mini for Java on 1 Apr 2017 with some of Today's best antivirus engines and you can find below, for your convenience, the scan results:
            • Avast:

            • Avira:

            • Kaspersky:

            • McAfee:

            • NOD32:

            Opera Mini for Java Antivirus Report

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