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            No Autorun

            Reviewed by Chris Thomas

            "Block USB flash/disk from auto-running"


            No Autorun is a USB disk virus defender that is designed to stop malicious files from running automatically on a USB disk when the drive is inserted. This simple yet effective security tool ensures that viruses will not spread to your machine from a USB disk by stopping all Autorun activity while also looking for suspicious files. A file removal tool, unlocker, and quarantine feature are included. The tool works by instantly locking autorun.inf files and any autorun-related files found on the drive.


            Installing No Autorun couldn't be any easier or faster, with a file size of only 42 kb and no extra software bundled in. Once you download the .zip package be sure to extract all of the files to a folder before launching NoAutorun.exe. You may want to examine the ReadMe.txt for more info on how the program works and how to use it.


            The No Autorun interface is subtle and basic, as it sits hidden in the system tray and is only activated when a removable drive is inserted. There's a config menu that appears when you first launch the program, but all of 15 of the boxes/bubbles are relatively self-explanatory. After clicking 'OK' you'll see the main window. From there, minimizing will hide the program in the system tray by default. You can click on the icon at any time to see which suspicious files have been locked, at which point you can choose to 'Delete Autorun Files', 'Delete All' suspicious files, 'Unlock' selected files, 'Quarantine All' files, or 'Quarantine' selected files.


            • Effectively stops autorun viruses from spreading onto your machine from a USB disk

            • Can scan all disks at startup

            • Includes a USB Disk Soft Write Protect feature that can be easily enabled/disabled from the main window

            • Includes an option to keep CDROM autorun files unlocked to prevent problems when running software from a CD

            • Set a delay for when to open the disk folder after a drive is inserted – by default it is set at 3000 milliseconds

            • Option to hide the main window on startup

            • Main window automatically opens to the forefront of your screen when suspicious files are detected on an inserted drive

            • Able to start via the Task Scheduler feature in Windows (Vista or above)

            • Quarantine zone window makes it easy to see which files have been quarantined


            • Has the potential to lock harmless autorun.inf files, although this can be prevented or fixed using the config menu


            There are plenty of other programs available that can also stop autorun files from infecting your machine via USB, including Disable Autorun, Panda USB Vaccine, USB Autorun Virus Protector, Ninja Pendisk, Antirun, USB Immunizer from Bitdefender, and Autorun Eater.


            Overall, No Autorun is an essential anti-malware tool that effectively locks and quarantines autorun files and any related or suspicious files found on an inserted USB disk or other removable media. If you're concerned about getting a virus from any type of disk/drive, this compact utility can ensure that you're protected from malicious files that would otherwise install themselves into your PC.

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            Antivirus information

            Download3K has downloaded and tested No Autorun on 21 Feb 2015 with some of Today's best antivirus engines and you can find below, for your convenience, the scan results:
            • Avast:

            • Avira:

            • Kaspersky:

            • NOD32:

            No Autorun Antivirus Report

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